100K Factory 2.0 / Ultra Edition Review

Welcome all and thanks for reading our 100K Factory Ultra Edition Review. In this review you’ll get all the details about the new Ultra Edition of the famous 100K Factory program.

After the mega success of previous version of 100K Factory, the master duo of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton has come up with a much bigger concept this year with the Ultra Edition of their 100K Factory program.

Program Name: 100K Factory Ultra Edition100kFactoryUltraEdition-Vertical-300

Program Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Program Cost: $2,497

Official Website: www.100kfactory.com

With this review, we will have a complete look at what this program is all about and why all major experts will be recommending this program for everyone looking to make good money. So let us start off with the question that everyone wants to know:

What is 100K Factory Ultra Edition?

100K Factory Ultra Edition is the new launch from the duo of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton after the huge success of their previous edition. Now the makers are claiming it to be a much grander program that has greater scope for huge earnings. Reason for it is that this new program is based on the same concepts as of the last one which made that a huge success – Speed, Scale and Profit – the three basic laws of a profitable business, but in addition to that, the working concept has been changed to the sales of physical products through drop shipping.

So with this new program, they have kept the concepts same but made a change in the mode of gaining the end result. Working on sales of Physical products, with this version, they have created this program on the idea of selling physical products on YOUR OWN e-commerce stores. What makes it more engaging that this whole new concept will be based on drop shipping which won’t need any huge inputs or inventory need on user’s behalf!

A perfect combination of selling physical products on your own e-commerce website plus getting targeted traffic generated with low cost but high conversions.


The Makers And The Drop-Shipping Concept:

The new program comes from the backyard of highly successful duo of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Both of them have a highly credible and successful past with one working as a CEO of a fortune 500 company and other being a hugely successful internet marketer. Together, they came up with many successful projects with 100K Factory being one of their most successful ones.  With this new version, they are confident of breaking their own records.

The Ultra Version is based on drop-shipping, a concept that is becoming more viable and popular every day. People under this program will get complete training on setting up their own e-commerce stores and start selling. They won’t need to keep a huge inventory as the products in demand will directly be shipped from China to the customers. Users will be selling them through their e-commerce stores and earn profit. Website and Traffic worries will be taken care of during the program itself.


The Program:

Making money online can be really easy if one gets the right tools, correct training and proper guidance.

The whole 100K Ultra Edition program will be dedicated towards teaching people how to earn huge income by running four websites and using drop shipping concept to set up and run their own e-commerce platform. This means learning to earn $2000/month from one website and thus $100K/year with just four different websites. The program will include:

  • Live Training Workshops
  • Training Video Modules
  • A Huge Number Of PDF Manuals
  • Detailed Business Planning Kit

It focuses on getting huge traffic in short time. The users will be taught the tips and tricks to generate huge free and paid traffic by using paid Facebook ads, Google, proven viral content and most importantly, their in-house software. The basics of getting unlimited viral traffic are taught in detail followed up with experts’ strategies, tips and tricks to get more of it.

Further, the program also focuses on other methods of generating money from these websites through AdSense, Email Leads, Affiliate Marketing and Products and services etc. With affiliate marketing being the major factor, monetizing these highly optimized websites can also be done through the other abovementioned methods since there is a huge stream of targeted traffic coming in.

The program will provide expert information on running own e-commerce store with following major and critical learning curves:

  • Specializing in drop-shipping to run your own e-commerce store without huge inventories and thus without investing huge money.
  • Learning the proven tricks and methods of huge traffic generation for FAST and INSTANT conversions from the experts themselves.
  • Turning your start-up into a money yielding castle based on a proven formula for earning a 100K per year by setting up just four websites for promoting and selling four products.

So just by making a sale or two per day, you can earn more than you can count per year! It is not that difficult with the right tools and techniques and live assistance from the experts in the field.


The Training Module:

The 100K Factory Ultra Edition training module will consist of 8 week long web training classes which will contain live training sessions, video modules, PDFs and major kits. These sessions will come directly from the experts and they will give detailed information about the whole process and each and every aspect related to it.

So this training will take you through every minute detail of the whole process. Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth will interact regularly with the trainees to give the valuable guidance, tips and tricks to be successful in this business.

The instructions videos, PDF manuals and comprehensive kits will contain all the details and information about the business and tips to run it successfully. With their proven support system, the trainees will get assistance in each and every point of the program to go through it with ease and without any issue at all.


The 100K Factory Ultra Edition Software:

The 100K factory program has their own in-built software which is created specifically to provide a jump start to the businesses of the trainees. It eases down the whole process and carries out most of the tasks by itself. The major features of their “100K Launchpad Software” are:

  • The Content Repository: To create an attractive and high quality website, the software has a content store house which will contain all the important content and other things that trainee will need in order to create his/her own website within no time. It’s a huge storehouse of content, which the user can plug-in to his/her website anytime.
  • The Conversion Optimization Engine: The conversion optimization tool of this in-built software many features like split test control, opt-in form integration which is highly advanced, exit intent pop-ups and much more. And all this can be customized as per the requirement with just a mere click and it’s done!
  • The Website Factory: The website factory tool is a website builder that will assist in creating an amazing website through custom built wordpress themes. Adding new content to it is extremely easy afterwards. It is a highly effective and easy to use all-in-one website builder.

This software provides the user with the ease of creating highly attractive and engaging websites in no time what so ever. So once they learn getting the high quality targeted traffic driven towards their highly optimized sites, they will open the doors for fast and great earnings.

Our Recommendation:

This is one program which we will definitely recommend to all. Coming from the proven house with highly successful previous programs, this new program has all the essentials of making it a reliable and profitable program. Learning extremely useful and important business work through the concept of drop shipping to make huge money online, this program is a must opt-for. With all the essentials explained in details by the experts, making available all the important tools, assisting in each and every step of building own business and then helping throughout to carry on the business successfully, this is one program which people should definitely go for if they are looking for something that could help them in generating high amount of income with a stable business set-up.

This is the program that provides you with the killer combination of unlimited and targeted traffic driven in and websites with high conversion potential. So a highly optimized website and constantly generated viral traffic does the trick and assist in earning huge amount of earnings. We recommend 100K Factory Ultra Edition for all!